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Traveling Mistresses - March 27- March 31st - Lady Vesta & Lady Gianna

When you are lucky enough to be in my presence, you will understand why.

Your searing pain is my perverse pleasure. The delicious pairing of my soft sensual touch and sadistic streak will have your heart racing and your skin on fire. Your body will experience extreme levels of pleasure and pain inflicted with my favorite floggers, paddles, crops and canes, as well as the most effective implement, my hands.


Do you desire receiving OTK spankings, Ball Busting, CBT and nipple torture as much as I desire giving them? Are you sure your body can handle the restricting bondage, heavy weights, the tight clamps and the confining chastity cage?


You are here for MY pleasure and maybe I’ll have a giggle at your body’s reaction to impromptu tickle torture. By testing your limits, I will have you breathlessly begging for mercy… yet begging for more of my corporal punishments.


And still, the desire to worship me as your Goddess will quickly turn into an obsession. Clad in silky stockings, or smooth and bare, my strong and shapely legs will taunt you. My pretty petite feet with their polished toes will tease you as they slip in and out of sexy heels to trample on you and smother your face. You will be begging to kiss my perfectly manicured hands to show your devotion. You will be pleading for me to rest my perfect ass on your face and smother you. My entire body is thing of
beauty, but are you worthy?


Of course you aren’t, and you will be put in your place with the painful truth of your worthlessness to me.

Cruel SPH and teasing and denial will roll off my wicked tongue with ease, and will cement themselves deep into your psyche for you to remember for days, months and years to come. Degrading you and humiliating you is but a game to me, a game in which you will desire to lose over and over again.


If you dare to tell me your darkest desires, bare your soul, and submit to my creative mind, I will turn your thoughts into a reality you will never want to escape.

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Mistress Lady Vesta



Mistress Lady Gianna


Mistress Dieve

Available for double sessions with Mistress Precious

Switch Kris

Switch Kris is available for sessions with Mistress Precious as a Domme or submissive.