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Do not fill this out unless you have an appointment!!!

Contact information is a must!!

Instructions for Contact

This is required reading for the novice:

Mistress Precious will answer calls between the hours of 10:00 am – 10:00 pm. (713) 823-3906 DO NOT TEXT ME..  Unless I give you permission.
Mistress Precious requires you know the following:

D/S – Dominance/Submission
XD – Cross dressing
TV – Transvestite
Fetish – Objects of desire (Latex, Leather, Foot, Boots, Leg, Stockings, Gloves, Newspaper, Balloons)

Know her name: Mistress Precious
Sessions begin no earlier than 12 NOON, Monday – Saturday
No LATE appointments
Don’t call for free phone sex believe me she can tell if you are breathless.
Allow her to direct the conversation, not you!
Do answer her questions, they are for a reason!
She will ask if you are a novice or an experienced! She will also ask who you have seen in the past, this is not an invasion of your privacy, I am ascertaining your level of play.
Mistress Precious also has limits, DO NOT BORE HER!
If you make an appointment and cannot make it CALL HER IMMEDIATELY or if you just have cold feet, pick up the phone!

I do not play with Infantilism (but I do play with diaper humiliation)
Mistress Precious needs to know if you have any physical or emotional limitations that you are aware of.
Do be prompt for your session, never early or late!
After the scene it’s always good for feedback to the Mistress drop her a line on her email.

You may contact Mistress Precious by Email or call for appointment between the hours of 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.  I schedule My sessions at least a day in advance, if I have seen you before then I may make an exception




(713) 823-3906