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Who is Mistress Precious?

Mistress Precious is a well known and respected Professional Dominatrix. For the past 30+ years the Mistress has been a lifestyle SM player in the private SM community. 


My Brand and My trademark has been wearing a bow in my hair (Precious) for the past 30 years. I am a true Sensual Sadist I truly love what I do as a Profession and as a Lifestyler.  I also pride Myself with a Tag Line in the BDSM community which is “Don’t Bore Me” ask anyone in the community who says these words and they will say Mistress Precious.


I have played with a very prominent crowd throughout the world. Most people will be stunned to see that I have gone public, but I must admit Houston being the fourth largest city in America and my home, needed me to come out of the closet and show the world that “Houston we have a problem, the Mistress has just landed!” 

Mission Statement

Mistress Precious believes that BDSM done in a safe, sane and consensual manner is an expression of ones physical, mental and emotional desires. When the trust is mutual the experience will have you flying. I have been told “that jumping out of a plane over a thousand times, does not equal the experience that one will have with Mistress Precious.” My submissives require complete anonymity! Discretion is highly assured! 


Myths About Domination

What to Expect

What I Charge

My Specialties

Sensation Play: Mistress Precious is a Sensual Mistress the touch of her hands will melt you!
Corporal: Mistress Precious loves Spanking (hairbrush), OTK, (I have a very heavy hand) Flogging, Paddling, Caning, Hair pulling, Spitting, Face slapping, smothering.
Bondage: Immobilizing bondage (single leather arm restraints, mummification, Japanese rope bondage). Suspension Bondage, Leather Hanging Cage, Leather Sling, Leather Hobble Dress, Latex vacuum bed, Latex Bodybag, Straightjacket and a Metal Rack and an Eros-Tech Electrical Chair, 3 cages.

Dominance: I am a dominant woman, I was born with it, go ahead Dare Me!

Compassion: I am a very loving and caring Mistress, but don’t let the name of Mistress Precious fool you, I can be your worst nightmare.
Sadist: CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) Eurethral Sounds (Hegar, Rosebuds) NT, Nipple Torture, Electrical Play (Eros-Tech, Folsom and PES units with various accessories and plugs), a fucking machine, also a violet wand to light you up, hot wax to drip on you, enema play, Needle Play, Stapling, or I just won’t let you leave for days at a time.
Fetish: Beautifully manicured size 8 feet always red painted toenails (they are wonderful to worship, pamper and suck on), exquisite stiletto high heels (to trample you with), thigh high boots (for you to clean with that tongue of yours), thigh high stockings (for you to admire and be gagged with), shiny latex (to smother you with), leather (for you to smell), latex, fur, satin or spiked (vampire) gloves, gorgeous hands with beautiful long wicked nails (for you to admire, pinch, scratch and hit you with), sexy lingerie (so you can melt) to name a few.
Public Play: I only do Public Play after we have had at least one session, I don’t want to be embarrassed or Bored!
Interrogation: Tell me what I want to know NOW or else face the consequences.
Fantasy Role Play: Sissy/Slut training, Cross-Dressers (I have a array of corsets, hose, heels, wigs, makeup for my little slut/whores), Total Transformations, School Teacher & student, Mommy/Aunt and bad little boy, give me a scenario and watch where I take it to new dimensions. I will not do scripted scenes, I have a wonderful imagination.
Other Dominants and slaves: If requested for additional Dommes or TV’s, or additional slaves you need to schedule in advance.

Mistress Precious will not...

Mistress Precious is not a prostitute, there is no sex with the Mistress, no drugs or illegal activity is permitted.

Mistress Precious does not play with Infantilism nor scat.

Mistress Precious does not allow rudeness, or unsafe behavior.

Mistress Precious does not do tightly scripted scenarios.

Mistress Precious does not like things boring – DO NOT BORE ME!

Mistress Precious Media Gallery

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Gift List

Mistress Precious enjoys being pampered so bring a smile to your Mistress’ face by showing your grace! Gift giving is always a good symbol of your joy and devotion to your Mistress.  If you would like to tip your Mistress that is always appreciated but not required.


My private dungeon is located in the Montrose area and dungeon warming gifts are accepted with gratitude (i.e. various dungeon toys, whips, floggers, leather wrist and ankle restraints, paddles, crops, also any cross-dressing accessories). 


As Ma’am desires…(said the good submissive). Wine (Cabernet), Champagne (Veuve Clicquot or of course Dom Perignon) Gift Certificates: Erotic Cabaret, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman-Marcus, be creative my little sub-missives, remember DON’T BORE ME! 


Also, she’s very particular about her scents and perfumes. She loves the smell of Opium. She also loves being pampered with luscious bubble baths, flowers, oils, etc. If purchasing shoes or boots she loves Christian Louboutin size 39 EU or size 8 US.