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Private Weekend Transformation Getaway

Hello My little TV, sissy slut~

Imagine that the minute you walk in, all items, clothes and symbols of your masculinity is removed from you and locked up safely as you begin your transformation. As I guide you into the world of feminization and tranformation you will be in an altered state of mind for the duration of our time together:

You can expect the following:

  • Completely transformed mentally, physically (wig styling, make-up , nails , clothes, jewelry, accessories)
  • Training in mannerisms and walking in heels
  • Socialized in various discrete outings (shopping, lunches, salon, clubs)
  • Housed in a private fully furnished facility (no need for a hotel) you will stay in the Junioresse Suite
  • Allowed to assist in select sessions with the Mistress (as My toy or their toy)
  • Required to remain in your feminine role until the preset departure time

As to the weekend scenario the way that it usually is set up is this:

The cost of the weekend is $3,800.00 – 6 hours the first day then 10 hours the next with sleeping accommodations for 2 nights in the apartment behind the dungeon (The Junioresse Suite)

I usually start this on a Thursday (or Friday I prefer Thursday because it’s a great night to go out) evening at 6:00 pm – 12:00, we begin by completely losing your identity as a man and transform you into My little whore/sissy/slut for the weekend. We do a full transformation with makeup, hair, nails, pedicures, shaving (or waxing) which you would be responsible for the cost of the pedicures and manicures, etc. depending on how much time on pedicures and manicures we will have play time in the evening!

We go out to dinner with you fully dressed and maybe out for cocktails and by this time it is probably around 12:00 midnight. You would be staying in the Junioresse Suite (the apartment behind the dungeon).

Friday (or Saturday) 12:00 noon – 6:00 then start again from 8:00 – till midnight!
We will begin the afternoon with full dressing, makeup lessons and walking, standing, speaking, and mannerisms etiquette! This will be followed by lunch at a local restaurant and then out to go shopping, with play time in the afternoon and if we happen to have sessions during the day then we would prepare for the sessions and you would be My assistant during these sessions (basically you will serve as My subservient slut during sessions and must perform for Me in whatever manner I deem necessary).

We do rest for a couple of hours, between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00pm, shower, freshen our makeup before the evening depending on how busy we get during the day! We would dress for dinner and go out for the evening! This usually consists of going to Cousins (Drag Show on Friday nights) and then going to a  Lesbian bar and Gay bars, we could go dancing or we could make it an elegant evening at the Opera or a play. We also could attend a BDSM party (Club Fem is a monthly play party on the third Saturday of the month).

We then would retire for the evening around 12:00 midnight (sometimes later) if we are having to much fun out in the bars and such!

By you helping Me out in sessions, this can be truly an experience of a Lifetime because you can experience being submissive and or dominant all in the same session under My tutelage!

All meals are paid for by you for both you and Myself this is not included in the tribute and also you are responsible for any entrance fees that we may incur going out to various bars and or establishments or BDSM parties that we could attend.

Saturday or (Sunday) morning by 12:00 noon you must leave the Junioresse Suite, so you have the morning to relax and enjoy your coffee or tea at your leasure. I provide high speed internet connection and also you have a full apartment at your disposal (No Guests are allowed to stay with you in the Suite).

To schedule a complete weekend transformation session, I must have had played with you at least once before. This is not for a first time session with Me! You will need to schedule this with as much advance notice as possible, also you will need to send a 50% deposit to hold your weekend. I want to know that you can be passable and will be everything that I desire from transforming you into the little whore/sissy slut that I desire!

Below are some of the sexy girls I have transformed.

Transformation Boutique